Sunday, March 5, 2017

Little sewing early

The 4 year old got my camera and was taking pictures. She took this one of me. Not to bad for a 4 year old.  

Then she took the picture of her sister. Katie is almost 3 years old. 

Grandpa was holding the baby so she took their picture. She hate pictures taken of her, but loves to take every one else's picture.

This is Charlotte. She turned 2 months old today. She is trying to talk to you and also she likes to smile. I got the toys out for her to grab today and she had fun playing with them, She was fussy and so I rubbed her gums with my finger and she held onto my finger and didn't want me to stop. The rest of the kids had teeth by the time they were four months old. So she maybe is feeling some discomfort there already. 

She be interesting if she walks at 8 1/2 months like the other two girls. She was a much bigger baby than the other two so time will tell. She holds her head up really well and she tried to sit more upright to day from a slight incline positions. It is amazing how much stronger they seem to be then when I had my son. 

Well sitting in the chair and trying to decide whether I have enough ump to go sew. Chris

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