Friday, March 24, 2017

Walked outside that was a mistake

I walked outside to see what was coming up and my allergies are really telling me they don't like me. I hate that feeling, but I hate staying inside all the time. Guess I will take some meds to clear that up. I came back in the house to do something to keep busy and I sorted some  more smaller pieces out. Smaller meaning fat quarters or smaller for cutting. I need 2 inch squares and 2.5 inch squares for this quilt. I started cutting and decided I needed a break.

Here is the second pile that needs cutting. I am sure there are many more. 

This is the third pile. If I keep a pile or two ahead I can get variety that way. Some of the fabric in this pile is some I got at a thrift shop. So I will use up the smaller stuff and maybe stack the bigger ones for the next cutting.  

. I am making the 1.5 inch squares into 2 patches by cutting strip sets. they are left over hunks off of the string blocks I make. I have a bunch pressed and subcut into 2 patches. Need to go in and make some more 4-patches. 
I need 30 of these blocks. I have all 30 of the centers cut and and I think four finished. I will be working on those over the next couple stitching sessions.

I also have to cut my white strips 1.5 inches so I have them ready when I start to sew. I hate to have to stop to cut more when I am sewing.

Beautiful outside if you don't have allergies. Chris

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