Saturday, March 25, 2017

Small parts and pieces

4-patches for sure. I have been cutting and stitching most of the day yesterday. The pressing has been almost an hours worth of handling small blocks. These are 2.5 inches 

These are a little larger. They are 3.5 inches. They go in the outside border. I have 58 of 360 of these sewn together. Long ways to go. 

These are 1.5 inch strip sets ready to be pressed and sub cut for the 2.5 inch blocks. I cut full width of the white and add small pieces of the colors I am using in the string blocks. Then I cut them into smaller sections and sub cut to the 1.5 inches. 

This is how they look when sewn onto the centers for this block. Now this block has a 1.5 inch black sashing sewn around the block to match the size of the string blocks that are pieced already.

Here is a picture of this quilt. It a Bonnie Hunter quilt. This is the "Fair and Square" in the book "Scraps and Shirttails II" She uses mens shirt pieces and scraps to make this quilt and most of them in this book. 

Intense stitching to get this scrap quilt made. It is 81.5 X 96 inches when finished. The combination of scraps will be individual because you use your scraps and your color choices are your own. That is the fun of scrap quilting. 

Raining here and suppose to rain the whole weekend. My husband mowed yesterday to clean up the leaves from the neighbors Pin Oak tree that doesn't loose it's leaves in the Fall. Other neighbors don't clean up their yard so all their debris blows around during the Fall and winter so it looks bad in the Spring. 

Today I need to run to the grocery and then back to sew. Also a few minutes today to vacuum the living room. Some each day makes it easier to keep up with. Chris 

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Hettie Pringle said...

Gosh you do give these a go don't you? Must say it's been a while since I've been this active in my sewing room even though half the time is taken up cleaning the place!