Monday, March 6, 2017

Here is the results

I finally got into the sewing room. Well the tiny 4-patches are the leftovers of the strings I sewed onto the log blocks. I saved then, stitched them up and cut into 2-patches of the right size which was 1.5 inches-2-patches. Then I pieced them together. There are 72 4-patches that measure 2.5 inches square when sewn together. Yes small....

There are 62 of the modified log cabin blocks. They are made with 4 2.5 inch squares for the 4-patch and I used 1.5 inch strings for the logs. They finished 10.5 inches before trimming. 

So I dug around and found my 9-patches that are made from 2.5 inch squares I cut off of lengths when I was cutting fabric. I keep a bucket of 2.5 inch squares cut so for simple stitching I have them ready. I plan on making them into stars so I need to cut and sew flying geese and solid squares to make them into scrappy stars. I plan on laying the blocks out to see what the rows will look like later. So I will take a picture for yu to see. I have enough for sure for 1 twin quilt and a good start on another. As I cut over the next few days I will get more 1.5 in strips cut for logs and make and equal amount for 2 twin tops. There are 75 of the 4-patches already made from mindless sewing.

The two older girls will eventually be in the same room for a few years. They are so close and when they don't know where the other one is they are looking. As of now Autumn has her own room and she comes down and sleeps with Kate in the same twin bed.

Autumn told meMom hasn't taught me to sleep in that room. I just laughed quietly. Kids say the darndest things. At least Art Linkletter use to say that on his TV show. Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

They will be really cute quilts, Chris! Your scrappy quilts are an inspiration!