Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Did some more sorting

Found another container with 1.5 inch strips already cut. I added it to my bigger pile and got back into making string blocks. 

I know I needed some more variety so I dug into the tubs that my Mother's fabric is in and found fat quarters and smaller pieces to be cut. That will happen today. I was to tired last night to do that. Figured I would cut my hand off.  

This quilt pattern has lots of different elements to it. The string blocks and small 4-patches in two sizes. This is the 1.5 squares sewn into 2.5 inch blocks unfinished. There is another set of blocks that are sewn with 2 inch squares for a border.

This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern. So many pieces for this quilt.  

I have some garment fabric I have been storing for a long time. I thought why not use it up. So I bought some similar looking patterns in the sizes I needed and will start on these maybe over the weekend. They are loose fitting so the length is the big factor. The girls like sun dresses. I thought I would make some pillowcase dresses for them also. 

Mom is busy with farm animals and the house and three little girls so washable and wrinkle free clothing is a must. Ironing like we use to do is not ever heard of anymore.

We got about 4 inches in two separate snow falls yesterday. I really would like this to be the last  storm, but Mother Nature has her own mind on when she is done. I know other parts of the country are being dumped on. Stay safe. Chris 

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