Saturday, March 11, 2017

Strings everywhere

Stumbling around in the sewing room I ran across this container. I really forgot I had it stored. I then was surprised it was the size strips I needed. Can't leave it unstitched. So I started in and making string blocks. 

This idea I have has strings and pieced blocks in it.  I started with 8.5 inch telephone papers to use as my foundation. Yes I can do it without the paper, but I prefer it that way. Here are 10 all sewn and trimmed. They will be cut diagonally in half when I get ready to stitch them into the blocks. 

The pattern I am using for my design, the quilter used a lot of red and blue. I decided to use multi-colored strings. Blue is not a color I have a lot of so I am using what I have on hand and what is cut into the right size strips. The quilter used anything from 3/4-2 inch strips to make her blocks. I have plenty of these sizes already in storage.

The rest of the block is pieced. I am going to work on this one a little at a time. I am sure I will have to do some cutting to complete the top.

Oh I forgot to tell you I need 60 of the 8.5 string blocks. So this will not happen over night. I plan on powering through many of them, but I do have to work on other things so I don't get bored.

Today I do have to go to the store for a few things like milk and some fresh vegetables. I bought some asparagus the other day which it tasted good, but not as much flavor as I had hoped.

Storm on the way so turn on the lights and going to go sew some more. Chris

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Hettie Pringle said...

You should share photos of your sewing room. It sounds huge if you stumble upon strips. If I stumble in mine it would be because it is so small and I fell over something!