Monday, March 6, 2017

7-10 days of off and on sewing

I think I have almost 60 of these done. I thought I would lay some out and see how far they would go. If I have enough of them to make two twin quilts it will make me happy. I think I have only worked on these about 24 hours over the course of 7-10 days. Had to stop and cut to make variety and I am to that point again. I wanted to see where this amount took me. I need a space to lay them out. I have to change my bed today so I will use it as my design wall.

Here is a stack that I didn't place on the floor. I image in there are at least 20-25 still left in the stack. They are colorful. I get started at making these and I just keep going. 

Looks like a drunk sailor placed these on the floor. I am running out of space to get them laid out. 

Today I am relieved. My daughter-in-law came to pick up the girls and she didn't have to rush home. She finished my taxes for me. The last 1099 came in the mail and I have been waiting for her to have some free time to help me. 

We don't owe anything, but we are not getting anything back so we are relieved of that. I would hate to have a huge tax bill and not be prepared for it. I have to file because of some investments. Which they are not much, but the Government requires tax forms to be done. 

Everyday we are getting closer to Spring. The daylillies are peaking out of the ground. I am anxious for the bulbs we planted last Fall to start to show. I see some leaves starting to pop up. Tree buds are showing more and more and the temps are cooler at night, but warmer in the day time. 

Well off to finish the few blocks that are in the process of being finished. I have some 2 1/2 inch 4-patches in there waiting to be paired with something else to finish another top. So that will be the next project. 

I hate to say this, but piecing seems to be preferred by this quilter and finishing less important. Have to change the quilting part here one of these days. I have backs now so no excuses Right???? Chris  

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