Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I have been a cut up

This is a back of a large men's shirt. Look at all the fabric that is there. I have been cutting men's shirts up a couple each day. I cut the buttons off and the collar and band plus cuffs ans button side of the shirts. 

The color of the picture isn't as bright as the blue n this shirt. Here is the back yoke. Sometimes one of the back yoke has interfacing fuzzed to it like the cuffs. I don't mess with trying to remove the interfacing. 

This was a 3X large shirt. Just think of the fabric in this one. Most large men's shirts require 2.5 yards of fabric to make from scratch. I got all fabric for $1 each. 

The strings are the seams I cut out of the shirt. I do not take the seams out stitch by stitch. I cut out the bulk. There is so much of the fabric without stitching why try to salvage it.

The color choices are amazing lately also not just the drab grays, blues and greens. Red, Purple Yellow, Pink, Orange are part of the colors I have looked at or bought. I try to find them at thrift stores or rummage sales. I wash everything as it comes into the house.

I am collecting different plaids and stripes to make a couple masculine quilts for Grandson's. I do use the smaller pieces for scraps and strings to add to the regular scrap quilts I make. Also remember using these shirts from your family members to make memory quilts.

Going to go to store and then start in cutting. Chris

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Rebecca said...

I just made up a quilt using shirts.... I used a crazy flying geese layout and set the blocks together with a lovely grayish blue denim color. Very masculine. I have half of it quilted... need to get my butt in gear and finish it.