Friday, March 10, 2017

Neutrals or Low Volume

I guess I am old school. Neutrals to me were white, off white, or white on white. Now they are low volume. As you can see from the picture I buy more of the color saturated fabric and shirts I recycle. I need to change my purchasing ideas and look for more neutrals. 

In the corner are a lot of off whites, muslin and white on whites. I use them, but they can get boring. Everything on these shelves needs to come down and be used up. Some I have had for a number of years and there not getting used unless they are cut into usable sizes. 

I acquired a quilting book yesterday. I ordered it and it uses a good mix of neutrals and color saturated pieces in each of the quilts. I need to figure out where to purchase more neutrals. I know there is a quilt shop about 60 miles from here that has a whole section devoted to neutrals and men's shirting/Civil War reproduction style. 

I could spend a $100 there real quick. So I will be in search of neutrals for a priority in my thrifting and fabric buying binges. 

We got a dusting of snow. I slept pretty good for me last night. So I need to get in there and start slicing and dicing fabric again. I maybe will just start cutting today and cut for about 2 hours then stop and do something else for awhile. 

Are you a neutral rich person in your stash? I sure am not. I need to get on this right away. Chris


Rebecca said...

Low on nuturals in my stash...I do not know that my white on white stash counts. It looks pretty bright next to other "nuturals"

JustGail said...

I think I'm on the low side for neutrals. I'm trying hard to pick a theme when I visit shops - QOV suitables one day, a certain color another day, plain on yet a different day. I wish I could say I have enough discipline to not succumb to "ooooohhh pretty!!" purchases.

Where is this shop you are talking about?