Friday, March 3, 2017

Busy day yesterday

Got up early in the morning because I couldn't lay there anymore.
I worked on more of the modified log cabins. I had cut more strips so I was back in business. I then went to do some errands and while going from one place to another I got a phone call would I take the three girls. So I went part way and picked them up and came home. 

Had to take time and feed a little one. She is almost 2 months old. 

Yesterday was Autumn's 4th birthday so she got some new clothes from me. As soon as she opened them she had to go and change into them. Must have made a big hit. She had my phone and was trying to figure out how to take pictures on my cell.

I went to a thrift shop while out and got three more shirts for quilting. Everything was half price. I also got 7 packets of quilting fabric. It was mostly civil war reproduction prints which I was looking to buy and dreaded the cost. so this was a surprise. 

This is one of the colorful blocks in the process of sewing logs onto the piece. I stitched several this morning. I was up even earlier. So not sure what the rest of the day will be. 

My husband started this morning earlier with a horrible dream and then he spilled coffee all over himself and the kitchen floor. So it might be just a quiet day around here. Chris 

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