Monday, March 13, 2017

No excuses I am just not organized at all.

If you look in my kitchen cabinets where dishes and glasses are they are organized and always have been. But the rest of the kitchen is search for things. Part of the problem is my husband helps and he puts things away in different spots and up high that I can't reach them.

.I am sitting here watching TV and looking out at the snow that is falling. It is starting to melt. We could have gotten 6-8 inches and so far it is only about 2 inches. Maybe this is the last storm of the Winter season.

I think I sewed for about 6 hours yesterday and today I haven't even been in there. I think I have been overdoing it. So my best friend today is Aspercreme and heating pad. Not together though.

I really would like a pain free day, but at my age it isn't going to happen. Living with pain is not fun.

Hopefully I can sew for another 20 years and not gt worse than what I am already. Hope your day is good Chris

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