Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cutting fabric

I keep finding piles of fabric. So I started cutting. The tub on the table is 1.5 inch strips. I use this size for several things so all print styles get cut and placed together. If I separate I would have so many tubs and not enough shelves to store them on. As I need pieces I pull them out and use them up, but at least they are cut. 

Also to finish cutting the pieces I started cutting I cut 2 inch and 2.5 inch strips also. These are my main strip sizes. I have a few 1 inch strips and I save them for string blocks. 

Is I need squares I have at least cut the strips. Maybe isn't your method but it works for me. Use the pieces I have cut and add more as I need to. Many times I run into variety issues and have to pull out more colors to cut. 

Today I tried to cut strips to use around the modified log cabin blocks. I have more of them to work up. The bulk of the cutting today was bright colors which I did pick and choose as I pulled fabric out to cut. 

I really like civil war prints, but I am low on them. One of these days I will order some. There is a shop about 60 miles away that carries this style prints, but they want 14-20 dollars a yard. That isn't in my budget right now. 

I will find some down the road. Keepsake Quilting has some and that maybe will be my source where I can get several at a time. 

Today is gloomy and we can get storms from now until,about 9 pm. It is in the 50's right now, but we have the lights on in the house. 

Not sure I want to watch the "President" tonight with his speech to the Congress. So maybe I will try to get some more blocks finished. 

The next thing I need to do it make some more crumb blocks I have a ton of small scraps that need to be tamed. 

Having fun, but pinch me so I can figure it out. Chris

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