Thursday, February 9, 2017


Got the trimming and the gluing got started. I found a glue stick just before I started and it was all dried up. I heard that if you put them in the refrigerator they keep longer. Linda Poole was the appliquist that made that point on Alex Andersen's show Simply Quilts years ago. Might be worth a try. She placed them in a plastic sealable bag and placed them in the cold until she needed them. 

This is from the batiks I washed. So they are all in the works. Several are ready and more to get ready. I have worked on them for 10-15 minutes at  time. I have cooked a meal and done dishes in between starting to glue them. 

Some of the batiks are very stiff. This one was more pliable. So I thought it would be easier to turn the seam allowance to the back with the softer weave. I am sure most of the stiffness is from the dye. 

I have to get into a storage tub to get greens out for stems. I don't have bias bars. I have never used them. I am thinking about getting a set. Have any of you used them. I heard you can burn your hands on the metal ones real easy. I have sewn a seam and press it over to make the bias and I think that is the method I will use for now. 

Sticky fingers are going on here. Chris

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