Monday, February 20, 2017

Using cut pieces

Squares in 4-patches and 1.5 inch strips are the things I am working with. I had strips cut into 2.5 inches so made 4-patches. Then decided I would add the logs around the 4-patches. 

I think it will be a cute quilt. If nothing else it will be bright. I started it yesterday, but had to rip out several strips because I wasn't paying well enough to the sequence. 

I woke up at 3:30am so I finished up several more after correcting the ones I ripped out. I have several more in the works. I will make as many as the piles of scraps will allow.

Suppose to be in the 60's again today. Then by Saturday we are to expect rain turning to snow. They are predicting how much we will receive so we need to wait until later in the week to hear that much. 

We had two of the girls yesterday and they were pretty good. They played outside and had fun. I had to take them for new shoes. Their feet grow like weeds. 

As we were walking out in the parking lot to get back to the car Autumn's shoe slipped off her feet. I said keep walking to the car and I picked up her shoe. We were holding up cars in the parking lot. A lady walked by and laughed. It was funny because she had to stop and put the shoe back on right there. 

Well going to get some more done. The dishwasher is going and I need to start laundry then more sewing. Chris 

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