Monday, February 6, 2017

I found this while looking for stapler

Looks like I forgot to set the date on this. That is the default date on my camera. Tells you how old my camera is. 

When I was looking for pins, stapler and thread I found this storage bag with this in it. I have nine of these Antique Rose hand stitched that needed to be appliqued onto the blocks. They are quite large. 

I used the old fashion method of templates and scissors to cut out the kite shapes to make this block. Then I hand sewed this by hand. I started these when my husband was basically tied to an infusion pump to eat. That was a long stretch to get him through that period. 

I will sash the blocks after they are squared up with an unbleach muslin colored fabric. I have more of the background that I thought I would piece some more of these Antique roses with for a border. 

This block can be EPP'd also. I chose to do the template and scissor method. In fact I used a lid off of a whipped topping container. It was firm and I could mark around it to make my sewing lines all the same. 

I think this one will be hand quilted. It has taken this long to do why not take more time to get it done. 

I had five of these blocks not appliqued so yesterday I got one more done. Today I will get another prepped and ready to hand stitch in the evening.

Hope you have a good day. We are suppose to get to the 50's today. Chris 

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