Friday, February 17, 2017

Such a dummy I am

I worked more on stem work last night. going quite well and I thought well this won't be to bad.
I tried to remember what the next set of stems looked like and where would they go. I don't have a light box and I couldn't put it up to the window with light so I looked at the master copy and I did it wrong.

In the master copy the little stems are underneath the bigger stems. So i have to go back and clip stitches and tuck them under and restitch them down. 

I shouldn't have done it without looking at the master. I was trying to divert a great amount of pain I was having at the momment and I was having a good time getting this accomplished. The stitches were perfect and it was going so well. 

The pieces are from Batiks and sometimes they can be stinkers to hand stitch through. I got a #9 Betweens out and it sliced right through the tight weave of the Batik. 

I need to get back into a habit of a couple hours per day of piecing also. I miss the sewing on  the machine. 

We had to go to my son's yesterday so I only had last night to stitch. Today I have an appointment at the bank to go over investments. Also this evening I am having my son's family for supper for his 40th birthday tomorrow. 

So I have to pick up some groceries and do a little cooking. Maybe in between cooking chores I can unstitch the stems and get theat fixed. Chris


suzanne, dutchess county NY said...

Do you have one of those acrylic tables that go around your sewing machine bed? I use mine with one of those battery reading lights under it for a light table. The window works but it's a pain to tape the pattern then the fabric up there.

Podunk Pretties said...

Years ago I didn't have a light box either. I used my computer screen or the tv screen with my pattern and fabric taped to them as a light box. Worked great, especially the tv screen, it was bigger and I could set a chair right in front of the tv while tracing the pattern to the fabric.