Friday, February 24, 2017

My Mom had all this cut

This is a shoe storage container full of bright colored 2.5 inch strips my mother had cut over time. Some are the full cut and others the fat quarter cuts. That is what I am using for the center 4-patch on these log blocks. 

I now have 25 of these made. There is so much more I could make, but I will say this they use up the strips. I have cut a few strips of different colors to make variety. I had a bucket full and a partial bucket. I have pretty much gone through most of them. 

I have saved the small cut off pieces and will make some small 4-patches. I want to make some mini quilts. I have a hallway and thought  I would make them to display on the wall. I haven't started any yet so we will see how far I get wanting to and doing it can be two different things. 

I have been on Pinterest to much as of late. I got several ideas and several more thoughts going through my head. I have a bunch of fabric and unless I start cutting and sewing it I will not ever get rid of it all. 

I have started to print out some of the many that I have saved. I think several are doable with the type of fabric I have on hand. 

We haven't gotten the snow as of yet. They said rain first so we wait and see. Only 1-2 inches is predicted and that was a stretch. 

I can sure tell I am really out of shape. Sitting at the sewing machine off and on for about 5 hours today and my upper back is screaming at me. Tomorrow I will have to go at it a little easier at a time. 

I think the longest session was about 1.5 hours and I was up and down through that also. Awful to get old. 

I have been buying fabric off and on from Walmart. Now before you swear I want to tell you it isn't that bad. For a long time they had fabric made by VIP of Cranston which is no longer in business. That use to be the only cotton fabrics for quilting with any quality back in the 70's and 80's. Now they carry solid and prints from Waverly. They have drapery also. Waverly has been an upholstery and drapery fabric company for years. Really decades. 

The fabric holds it's color when washed and it has a good weight to it. I use it a lot for sashings and also for backs of quilts. If you are in Walmart check it out. You might be surprised. The solids are $2.97 a yard. The prints are $3.97 a yard. 

If you do charity quilts this is a better price to be paying than $18-20.00 a yard.


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Podunk Pretties said...

Great looking scrap quilt blocks. I'm a walmart fabric shopper also. You can't beat the prices. The prints aren't the greatest sometimes. A couple of weeks ago I found the cutest yellow rose buds on white background for $2 a yd. I bought the whole bolt! The gal measuring the fabric for me said they ordered two bolts of it and it had only been in the store for 2 days. I left the other partial bolt with about 2 yds. I felt like I hit the jackpot.