Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Using pieces and strips

I threw these on the floor in a hurry to take this picture. The final trim hasn't happened yet, but they are sure colorful. 

I think these will be finished and used for Great Grandchildren if I ever get any. I am sure in the next couple years that will happen. 

I have three other forms of log cabins in the sewing room ready to be quilted. That is my big issue . Why do I put of quilting????

I know why because I would have to clean the desk off and baste the quilts. The thing I hate to take time to do.

Today I have to do some cleaning. I think I will open doors and windows today to air out the house. Suppose to be 70 degrees today. It will break a record for really warm weather in February. We had a little bit of rain over night and the trees are starting to show buds. But we are to get rain turning to snow on Friday so it is too early for this all to be a good sign of Spring. 

The days are getting longer which pleases me. I really need to get some more cleaning done as I said. The dust and closed in feeling has been overwhelming at times. We are vigilante on changing about changing filters on the furnace and cleaning, but with me sewing and creating more dust plus we are homebodies and constanly living in our house. 

So off to get the vacuum going and see if I can clean up some of the mess. Chris 

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Podunk Pretties said...

I had to giggle when I read you put off quilting. I do the same thing. There's a mountain of quilt tops needing to be quilted stashed away out of my sight. Since the beginning of the year I've put a small dent in the pile but I'm not sure how long my quilt-a-thon will last.