Sunday, February 12, 2017

Did a little bit today

I got stems cut and a couple sewn on. Today my husband was finishing up his bathroom. He painted the ceiling and the walls. So I had time to my self to get it started. I did dishes and did laundry so I did get a couple other things done. 

These are the parts for flowers for 4 blocks. Each has five flowers on the block. This took forever to iron down the freezer paper. Next I have to cut out and also get the gluing done on the seam allowances. 

I would have gone outside today with the sun out, but it was so windy. 20-35 mph gusts. I can't wait for 60-70 degree weather. We have only had about 9 inches of snow for the whole Winter. We normally get that in one two week period. I am thinking it is either going to be a wet Spring or dry Summer. 

Hope you had a productive weekend Chris

1 comment:

Robin said...

Look at all those flower parts!!! That's going to keep you busy for a while! Look forward to seeing what they turn into.