Monday, February 27, 2017

I Feel Disjointed

We are all torn up again. Meaning we are painting rooms. You know curtains down. Pictures are not on the walls and the room is not usable.

I just have to move things back into a cabinet in the guest bathroom and then onto the guest bedroom. Which is going to be a disaster. I have over flow of the sewing room in there. Yikes!

Last night the pain I live with was kinda bad. The weather is going to change so I sat in the recliner and lurked on Pinterest. I really got lost in the colors and designs of some of these quilts famous and not so famous quilters.

The one person I was fascinated with was Freddy Moran. I have seen her on Simply Quilts years ago and know she has been quilting forever, but the colors she has been using really stood out to me.

I am more of a traditional style quilter, but this put a bee in my bonnet. I looked at pictures of some of her quilts and they were traditional patterns with a twist. The color was the twist.

So after two hours of staring at the computer screen over quilt ideas and all the color and designs I finally got relaxed.

I would say the inspiration from lurking on Pinterest has got the juices flowing again. I dreamt of reds and yellows and lime greens last night. Very vivid for sure.

I have the modified log cabin blocks and decided I would use a red Border on it with all the other colors it should be a bright mood changer when finished.

I guess I need to look at fabric different when I go to buy any. I have been looking for Civil War repro fabric and having trouble with that. I like to touch before I buy. Maybe will have to order some from a fabric company online.

Well hope you all have a good day. Chris  


Podunk Pretties said...

Freddy's work is amazing. Not quite my style but I love looking her work. Truly an artist. I'm a late night internet surfer also due to joint pain keeping me awake. Not sure why looking at quilts and fabric eases the pain but it does. Hope your feeling better today and ready to tackle those dreaded homemaker tasks.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I had never heard of Freddy! Thank you for sharing! She is truly an artist. =)