Friday, February 24, 2017

Gray day but bright colors

While cleaning off the sewing desk I found 50 log cabin blocks sitting there. I knew they were there, but haven't taken time to lay them out to get the right layout. The center 4-patch blocks are the ones I worked on this last few days. I made 3 more today so far. I have 20 of them so far. 

The strings I have cut are making more scraps as I sew the strips on. Little leftover are piling up in the container. I will have to trim them and make some smaller 4-patches. Scraps making more scraps is just more sewing. 

At least the colors are bright with such a gray day. We are suppose to get snow, but not like some in Iowa and Wisconsin. Blizzard conditions in Iowa right now. Wisconsin can get up to 18 inches. 60-70 degrees weather one day and two days later it is a blizzard. Mother Nature has it all wrong. Chris

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Podunk Pretties said...

You definitely are having a bright day. Love your blocks!