Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cleaning up small pieces

The other day when I was making the modified log cabin blocks I was using strips to make the rounds. The cut off pieces I threw into the bucket as you can see by the picture they added up. They are 1.5 inch pieces. I stitched them into strip sets and waited until I had enough variety then cut them into 1.5 2-patches. 

After pressing and stitching into 4-patches them press again I have almost 50 of these stitched together. I didn't waste much. I cut slivers off of them and so they are found pieces in my estimation. I saw an inspiration on  Pinterest of a quilt block using different centers and then border or make a square in a square with strings as the last layer.

I do have to do major cutting in the next few days. My 1.5 inch strips are next to nothing. I have so much fabric so why not cut the stash???

The idea I saw was using all the same colors in the finished blocks I want multi colors to make it dance when looking at it.

Today is run the vac and then make my way into the sewing room to cut. I picked up some clutter and more to do before I start cutting.

While I am handling the smaller pieces I will finish several of the pieces up. I have piles of smaller scraps that are needing to be cut up and just be done of them. I need the space to get some more of the stored fabric out and get used.

I think I told you about printing out very interesting block ideas and quilt ideas. I will probably have to pair down expenses at some point in my life and I want to use this for references. The Internet will be the first to go I am sure. Life will be a change after my husband is gone.

Reality has set in the older I get that we have today, but not guaranteed tomorrow. I think we need to prepare for things to change when we least expect it.

Now what are you doing today? Chris

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