Sunday, April 30, 2017

On to the next one

This is the last pieced top on my sewing desk. Trying to clean it off. It was long and narrow and I wanted it to be bigger, but I ran out of the red fabric. I really thought I had more of it. My planning wasn't very good. 

I decided to take two rows off the length and make them into the width. So with borders it will be a twin size quilt. 

I am taking a tan fabric that looks like a linen weave to make a narrow border and then piano keys for the outer border. My husband wasn't sure about piano keys.

We talked about it last night and he saw I used yellow in the piano keys as I was piecing them so maybe need to rethink using them. They are 5 inches. 

This is kinda a guy looking quilt. Hard to come up with masculine quilts. I can always do pinks and purples for girly quilts. 

Suppose to rain again today. Hasn't been a nice weekend outside. So I will sew. Chris 

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