Saturday, April 15, 2017

HST's what was I thinking???

My gut told me the measurement I had in mind for the HST"S was right, but I went on one that was on the Internet and it is about 1/2 inch to big.So it has been slow going getting them made. I first tried a paper like Triangles to make them and it didn't come out right. I checked my seam allowances and it was right so I used the measurement from the Internet. 

This is the strip sets I cutout the other day and I wanted to try something different. The cheddar fabric I found at a rummage sale so I thought use it up. It is a lovely piece of fabric wish I could more of it.

I am having to really watch how I press the seams and which direction of the colored side of the HST goes when making the sashing pieces. I am adding sashing to two sides then I will piece the blocks together when the blocks are completed. 

Miss Charlotte was at our house with the two older girls yesterday. She giggles and laughs now when she is tickled. She is trying to talk to her Grandpa when he holds her. It is cute to watch them talking to each other. 

It poured rain for 3 minutes and now just cloudy. Jeff mowed for the fourth time this year. People around us have ask why we have mowed. We fertilize and so it grows. Some people like many neighborhoods don't pay attention to their yards, but we do. 

I hope everyone has a Nice Easter. WE are going to be by ourselves unless my stepson comes by. I like the Thanksgiving Christmas Eve and maybe birthdays for family gatherings where I cook for everyone. We sometimes have other times we gather for cookouts. 

Happy Easter Chris

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