Saturday, April 8, 2017

I must be crazy

Two summers ago I bought two large tubs of fabric from a rummage sale. 95% was quilting fabric. The owner had passed away and her family had this rummage sale. I stuck a lot of it on the shelf and I went digging today and found this cheater cloth fabric. 

Perfect 2 inch squares and the quality of the fabric is like a name brand fabric. I looked in the selvage and no printing as to the kind of fabric it was. So tonight I cut up the pieces for my 2 inch squares I have been using.

My husband looked at me like I was crazy cutting this up into little squares, but he didn't go down that road to ask. LOL

It makes variety in my collection of 2 inch squares that I have been using. The 9-patches in 2 inch squares is being made for borders for a queen sized quilt. I have to make 220- 9-patch blocks for this quilt.

I think I have about 100 of them done. So I have a fair amount of sewing to do on them yet.

I went to my son's house to watch the girls while my grandson was taken to get his drivers license. Well after waiting in line for ever he came home and couldn't get it. He turned 16 today, but in Illinois he has to have his Driver's Permit for 9 months driving with an adult.

He was so disappointed and can't go back until May 24th to take his driving test. When ever he is home and the car goes he drives with his step mom or his dad in the car. He is a very good driver.

He doesn't think it is fair because he got a Summer job and now he won't be able to keep the job. I told him to not get to down about it, because it is for a dairy farmer and kids agree to work until they find out how much work it is. So some one might quit or get fired and he maybe will still have a chance.

Well I am going to go do some picking up and more sorting in the sewing room. Take Care. Chris

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