Monday, April 10, 2017

Lots of small pieces.

This is finally almost pieced. It has to be the longest piecing effort yet. It will be colorful. I found out from making this that I still have a ton of strips and squares to get sewn up.

60- 8.5 inch squares of string blocks. I mostly used 1.5 inch strips, but added up to 2 inch strips down to 1 inch strips. Made some variety that way. 

I need 30 of these and this is the part that needs finishing. I think I have about 18 finished. The small squares take a lot of time. They are made with 1.5 inch squares so when sewn they are 2.5 inch unfinished blocks. There are 12 blocks around these red squares. 

This was never ending. Two different 9-patches. each made with 2 inch squares. I made 110 of each of the blocks. They will be the outside border. 

This is a Bonnie Hunter "Fair and Squares" quilt. It is set on point which I like the look, but never very successful at making the outside bias edges we will see how this goes. 

Rain this morning. Suppose to be cloudy the rest of the day Yesterday it was 80 degrees out. Today is suppose to be 73 degrees. The pollen count is through the roof so dealing with allergies. 

Going to get some more stitching done off and on today. Have to take my Grandson to do his birthday shopping. Chris

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