Saturday, April 22, 2017

Starter not a finisher

I went looking for an OTT light I have. Couldn't find the light, but found all of this. I am a great starter and yet they don't get finished. Well the new goal is to get at least one finished a month along with all the other things I have going on.
The solid blue is denim scraps from jean legs that are leftover. 

Here is another upcycled denim jeans blocks. I need to add to this one. This is more masculine. Guy quilts are harder to come up with. 

There is entire queen sized quilt in 4-patch blocks pieced here. I wanted to sash them with a solid accent color. I saw a new technique for quilting as you go so need to buy the amount for the sashing and the backing and get this one on my goal list.  

I believe I made larger blocks and cut diagonally twice to make the centers. I really don't remember the way I did it. It was during a really bad time in my husband's health issues. So I just kept sewing. Distraction was needed at that time. 

We have had the granddaughters a lot lately and so my time to sew has been limited. The next day after they leave I am wore out so I try and split up a couple hours here and there to sew. I guess I am not doing this as a business so no deadlines. 

Hope you have a nice day. Sun is out kinda cool out, but at least the sun is out. Chris

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barbara woods said...

beautiful quilt , I spend all my time looking for things that I put up somewhere and told myself I wouldn't forget where.