Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Where has the year gone to? I have been dreading this time of year. Normally Fall is my most favorite season.

It has been a time that I am approaching a year since my Mom struggled with her cancer and it is reminder that life comes and goes so fast.

About this time last year my Mother's illness was taking a turn to the end and she needed more help. This year has been hard to face, but I could wish her to come back and deal with all the pain.

I really think this is why I have had such a struggle with staying focused. I question in my mind did I do enough? I in reality think I did and there wasn't much more I could do. Made her last days filled with family and also as pain free as possible.

Hopefully no one else has to go through this ordeal. I know others will and I understand your pain and the sacrifice one has to go through.

Thoughts are with others who are dealing with this ugly disease. Chris


barbara woods said...

we brought my m,other her when she was dying because we were retired and could but my brother and sister helped a lot. but it's very hard to go through it. Hugs

Katie M. said...

Chris, never question if you gave enough... You gave your mom what no doctor could - your everlasting love. I think that's what most moms would want more than anything, to know they're loved and cared about. I'm sure your mother knew that.

sewyouquilt2 said...

cancer is such a nasty disease that takes many too soon. Your Mom was lucky to have you to love and dote on her in her time of need. She is now with you in another way. My Mom passed in 1989 of cancer and I still miss her. I am now older than she was when she passed. her birthday was Aug 12 so I too have the "August blues". hugs my friend and never question if you did enough. you gave all you had to give. love.......