Monday, August 29, 2016

EPP AKA English Paper Piecing

I had been told I am crazy doing this little stitching. Well it is satisfying to me to use needle and thread when I sit to watch TV at night. 

I was also told and saw that this book is no longer in print. It has sold out. I found it on a website I was looking at. . They have both of Willyne Hammersteins's books available plus many others. I have loved the look of this cover quilt and am fascinated with the shapes. The pieces are larger than the mini hexies I am doing no so they should piece together quicker. The trick is picking out the correct color combinations to produce the effect you want. 

This is side ways, but you can see EPP can be done with other shapes besides hexagons and jewel shapes. 

The author is a commuter to her office everyday and she makes kits up to take on the train to her office. She says she has several quilts and blocks started in each pattern so she doesn't get bored with the same blocks. 

The book is written in several languages. So it is easy for others to read. She is from the Netherlands.

Today we are trying to recover the house and rest, but we get girls again for a couple hours. Mom and Dad are going to the Dr.s appointment together to see if the gender of the newest little one will be revealed. 

They have a couple names picked out, but nothing is for sure. Take care and see you later Chris 

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