Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I have been doing a little hand stitching while watch the Olympics. This is Taylor. She is 17 years old now and will be a Senior in high School in a few days. 

Yesterday she was with her boyfriend and she kept telling him I did all this sewing and all this little hand work. Talking about the Hexies. She acted like I was crazy. 

She is learning how to crochet and that is working with your hands. She loves to Bake and does a good job at that. Maybe we can get her to decorate cakes. That is a talent I never could do. 

I have twisted my knee sometime in the last month and it had been plaguing me with more pain all the time. So I have gotten the heating pad out and stitching on my small flowers and stars. 

Slowly getting beyond the pain in my knee. We have a big project coming up with putting  roof over our side deck and ramp. We will have to have help and I am sure meals will have to go along with the help. So will plan on getting the materials here and maybe in a couple weeks we can get this rpoject started. Stay Cool. Chris 

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