Monday, August 1, 2016

Corner shelf and more stitching

This was an ugly white distressed shelf from a rummage sale. It needed some repair and a fresh painting. My husband distressed it to match a cabinet we have in the eating part of the kitchen. 

I am a chicken lover and so I have chicken items in my kitchen. I needed a spot to place some of the figurines. He [painted this a flat black and then sanded the edges and stained them with the same color stain we used on the kitchen window frames we did earlier this year. Then several coats of stain varnish mix. I think the results are striking against the wallpaper we put in this last Winter. 

This is a small corner, but needed something to make it look good. I have put off doing a lot of decorating the room because I wasn't sure which direction to go with it. I think now I can see a clearer path and how I want it to proceed. 

This is the cabinet he refinished a few years ago. It had been red, but he painted it black and distressed it the same way he did the shelf. Now the space is coming together and I have some vintage kitchen utensils I can get out and put up to go with it. 

On to sewing. I got a few more blocks stitched together then I had to stop and help my husband. I have a few more pinned and ready to stitch. 

Today the light was right to get the serpentine stitching in the middle of the black sashing. I am getting excited to think I am finally maybe going to have another quilt finished. I have only finished one this years so far. Lots of sewing, but finishing has not happened. 

Today is a question as to what will happen. I have to coats for my little ones to replace zippers in. I need to get to the store and get them purchased. I hate coat zippers. It isn't so bad after you get them ripped out. That is the worse. Chris  

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