Tuesday, August 2, 2016

No sewing yet.

I did get up and do some outside work this morning. Got some things dumped that were not blooming anymore from pots. Then I cut back the flower stalks from the Hosta's. They get dried and ugly.

I have done dishes and also picked up from the girls being here last night. They didn't get much out because they weren't here very long.

I might get some stitching done this evening. I really need to have my hands busy, because I get bored and want to snack instead. Not good.

We haven't had a garden for a couple summers now and I find that I am missing the process. It was getting to be to much planting, weeding, picking, and canning all the food. I am scared to buy certain foods at the store because I have reactions to the cans and the plastic ling in the cans.

Awful to have this much of an issue with what I can eat. I guess I shouldn't eat anything. LOL Chris

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