Sunday, August 28, 2016

I am wore out

We had three grandkids over the last two days. And we get two of them back tomorrow. 

Derek the 15 year old wanted to come and he helped grandpa finish the roof over the ramp. The girls just came to hang out. 

We went shopping today and bought shoes for the three year old and got them bubber boots as they say. Rain boots. They wear them when they go to help do chores with all the animals. 

We had another fast moving storm that dumped another 1.6 inches again. The grass grows by inches over night. The farmers don't want rain at this point. They want the crops to start drying out. This kind of moisture causes mold in the crops. 

Hopefully tomorrow afternoon we find out what the gender of the baby is. If he or she cooperates. Time will tell. 

My son has had issues of late raising his Teenage kids. You want to be their friend, but then some hard parenting has to come into play. He has experienced that from his oldest. I think they are finally getting beyond the resentment and the hurt feelings. Grandma has had to step in by Dad's request and try and smooth things out. I try and not blame, but make sure everyone has choices and we have to pay the consequences with the choice we make. I think some progress has been made and maybe they will move forward. Life is to short to hold grudges. 

Well I think the nightgown is going to get put on and maybe an early bed tonight. I had two year old feet in  my back and side all night long last night.  Chris 


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