Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tiny, Tiny, Tiny

I have been piling a bunch of small pieces in a tray I salvaged from having meat in it from the grocery. These were small pieces, but I hate to throw anything away.There are a bunch of colors in here and if they aren't big enough for the tumbler shapes I have then I can use them as the half tumblers for the outside edges. Last year I thought I would make a few mini quilts to hang in my hallway. I keep thinking I need to start them and I found the shapes online.

This is quarter laying below the shapes I am using. I am doing EPP with them and basting them onto the papers. 

The printing on the shape says 35 mm, but I changed the size when I printed them. Smaller in fact.I knew my pieces were small and decided I would make them work for a small tumbler quilt to get my collage of quilts in the hallway started. 

Here are 6 pieces sewn together. I will be at this for awhile, but it a small project for handwork. I like to do handwork while watching TV and sitting with my husband at night. 

I got another star flower done in the mini hexies today. I need to cut some of the tan fabric to make my ring around the smaller flowers. I think tomorrow will be busy for awhile. 

My little ones are coming in the morning. Mom and Dad have to be at an appointment. So I will meet her about 8:15 am and they will come and play for awhile. 

Today was tolerable as far as heat and humidity. In fact I vacuumed the front room and hallway. So it was a productive day. I did three loads of laundry and cooked dinner and did my dishes. 

I want you to know I got 6 hours of sleep last night without waking up. I don't know what got into me, but I was surprised. Probably won't sleep that much tonight. 

School starts for the local kids tomorrow. Seems so early, but they are getting bored. Stay safe. Chris

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