Thursday, August 11, 2016

Still hot and muggy

More of this handwork got done. Just to hot to do anything else. My thimble is sitting there by one of the hexies. 

This shows on little element basted. I do it with thread and then leave the thread in because I do not stitch through the paper. 

I keep saying we are going to have an early Fall. Well here is proof. this is the Maple tree in my back yard. See the orange red leaves in the tree. they have just shown up in the last couple days. We see spider webs everywhere also. that is another lign.

This isn't as clear, but there are more in the same tree. 

Look at this just above the roof of this house in the middle of the picture. This I noticed last week. It was green just about 10 days ago. So our time for Fall isn't to far off. The meteorologist on the TV station we watch out of Davenport, IA was in Wisconsin last week and he said they were changing colors up there also. 

We are to get lots of rain over night 2 plus inches. So my husband is out mowing this evening. Heat indexes are almost 100 right now out. It is 6:15 pm Central time here. Not going to cool off unless we do get some rain. 

Stay cool and I am going to do some more hand stitching. Chris 

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