Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hand stitching

It is starting to gain in size. It is a slow process. I haven't felt real good with my allergies so sitting and hand stitching suits me. It might be five years before this has any definite size to it. 

I took it out into the natural light at 7 pm to take this picture. I keep emptying small spools of poly/cotton thread. I use it to baste the papers and fabric pieces. Might as well use it up, because I don't do much garment sewing anymore. I have been using the lighter threads on the lighter pieces and the darker threads on the darker hexies for the basting. 

Here are a few more pieced, but not added yet. I find colors and make up the flowers and the stars and when the color works I then attach it to the main piece.

Yesterday we got a delivery of wood for the out side deck. We are going to make a cover for it and the ramp we have. The weather when it is bad really hits that side of the house. We thought carrying groceries or going in and out would be nicer with a cover porch. We are thinking about adding an outside ceiling fan to the roof so we can sit out there and be comfortable also.

We really wanted to add a covered porch to the front of the house, but it would cost way more than what we cared to spend. Also in the afternoons and evenings the sun is beating on that side of the house. The porch with the ramp is on the North side of the house so it made more sense to cover it.

We painted the tall posts so we don't have to stand on ladders so we got the wood delivered early to do prep work before we get help to do the heavy lifting hopefully on Thursday.

Over the last 72 hours we have received 7 inches of rain. Not as much as in the South, but it did cause flash flooding in the area. We are ok, but I feel the pain for the families in the South that lost everything some of them for the second time.

The Olympics are almost over and the Fall TV season will be starting soon. The reruns are driving me nuts so I guess I go back to the hand sewing again for this evening. Chris