Tuesday, August 2, 2016

No hand stitching got done.

We got a last minute call that they needed a babysitter. My son got an extra shift at the last minute and their Mother had a trustees meeting for their village. So grandma got two girls and they got to see the new Jeep grandpa fixed for them.

They sat in it, but Autumn wasn't going to drive it she wanted the old one. So Grandpa got upset and it wasn't a nice evening.

But their Mom came and got them and I think they were tired, but I was wore out when she got here at 10:30 pm, but was still awake at 12:30 am. I have only had about 4.5 hours sleep so the nap
time for me will be welcomed.  Fall like weather shows up. It doesn't even cool off at night.

I got rid of some potted plants that were spent and will have to water dome before it gets to hot. Chris

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