Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hot, Hot, Hot...

It is so hot outside I think I could fry an egg on my driveway. Of Course I had to go to the store. I got somethings bought on sale so I guess the trip was worth struggling with the heat.As you can see the mini hexies have been my friend as of late. To hot to machine quilt with a queen size quilt in your lap. I pick out a few color combos from the 1.5 inch strips I have cut and a couple colors of thread and I go to town. I have the papers all cut up and some applique pins at my chair and I can watch the Olympics and/ or watch a movie and try and stay cool. They just flashed across the TV we have storm warnings in our area for the next hour. It has to do something as hot and humid as it is. 

As you can see it is growing a little at a time. I keep looking on Pinterest and find so many more designs.

I looked into the Millefiore Quilt Book, It is not available in many places. I found a source for it and it is the same price so I think as a treat to myself I will order it next week. I enjoy this type of handwork.

I have a plan to change the sewing room again. I will have to run it by my husband. It means moving a heavy piece of furniture and I am sure I will get the eye roll treatment. Ok I just asked and he said ok. Surprise surprise. 

The sky is changing color and the wind is picking up. So I hope we get rain without the wind and hail they are talking about. We need to mow, but I am afraid it will dry out and burn the yard with this heat. I hear thunder. Chris

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