Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Grandchildren Day

Yesterday morning I went and got the girls. Autumn is 3 1/2 years old. She wants to go to school and before Winter I think she will be in Pre School.

Katelyn will be 2 in a couple months. She just is into playing for now. Yesterday she could say gampa for Grandpa. I said say gamma and she told me I can't. So later she wanted something from me and I said what do you say and she said to me pease gamma. Funny how she could she just didn't want to. 

Derek came in the afternoon and wanted a haircut and also a backpack for school. They start Wed. So we went and got the haircut first and went shopping. Freshman in high school this year. Where has this time gone.?????

Found this picture of him and me on Grandparents day in kindergarten. 

He wanted his Grandmother to be at lunch. Seems like a lifetime ago.

Taylor was working  so no pictures of her.

Last night her class had a tragic loss. One of their class mates was killed in a car accident. She was  Taylor's age. Planning on going to her Senior year and that life is snuffed out to soon. It can happen so quickly.

In a small town everyone knows everyone. I feel for her classmates and her family.

Watch out for young drivers and kids walking to school. Chris

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