Friday, August 26, 2016

The roof over the porch

This is what you see when you walk out the kitchen door. We had a small deck there. We decided to cover the deck so that we could sit there and keep the weather off the kitchen door. We used deck boards that are treated and we won't stain or paint them. They will be covered on the top with shingles. This will give the outdoors look to the roof. 

This was taken from the garage looking towards the house. See I still have my driveway space, but this way we have a usable deck. We used it, but when it was hot yu were right out in the sun in the afternoon. This is the North side of my house.  

This is from the driveway on the front side of my house. We are taking about changing the steps on the front side of the deck to give us a little more deck space. That maybe will be before Fall weather. It was hot and humid
yesterday. So we retreated to the garage and shade many times.
This is the ramp area and we are going to add a cover over it also. We had to attach to the wood on the house so that is why the siding is off. We get the last of the roof done the siding will be fitted back in place. 

This is the approach coming back up the ramp to the kitchen door. I really like the look. It was a trade off of adding a porch to the house. We just decided we didn't want to sit on the front side of the house. This will be our little getaway. We really like it and now maybe I can get back to sewing. Chris


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I'm glad you got the roof on between rainy periods. I know you will enjoy it.

FairviewFarm said...

Congratulations o getting the porch roof done. Looks like a wonderful place to spend an afternoon enjoying a glass of iced tea while stitching miniature hexies.

sewyouquilt2 said...

it is always nice to have a spot to sit and relax