Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Few more pictures

This is an envelope from Mountain Mist that was loaded with tissue paper applique patterns my Grandmother ordered from them. She used the cardboard shape she made for her quilting design. She must have drawn it from one of the pattern sheets she received to mark a quilt top. It must have been used several times because of the tape on it.  

Here is one of the tissue paper patterns like the dress pattern paper. I know these were before 1960 because she passed away in 1961. I'm sure they were purchased in the 50's. Many times applique was raw edges and hand embroidery with floss and outline stitching was a method of applique. This was the easy way to applique a beautiful quilt. Now we have so many more techniques to applique quilts. My how we have evolved Chris.

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Katie M. said...

Oh, wow, what a great treasure! Neither my grandma or mom sewed let alone quilted..don't know where I got my creative gene from :-)