Friday, December 13, 2013

Starting to look like something

I wanted to see what it looked like laid out. It looks like it could be a quilt now. Just looked like a bunch of blocks before.
I realized today I have not finished one project this year other than the baby's jacket. She needed it and it will fit her in the Spring. No quilts were completed and I know I went through a slump for a long time.  

These blocks were held over since last year, but I'm still working on them. I'm still not 100% after having been so sick. I know the weather has been cold, but at a certain time each day I get the chills and I just want to curl up under a ton of quilts and not move. When we lived in the country in an old farm house we didn't have much heat in the upstairs. You would go to bed at night and pull up as many covers as you had and I don't think we would even roll over for fear of hitting a cold spot in the sheets. This is where I have been since I was sick. 
I've been thinking a lot about quilting designs and also free motion quilting. I look at the over the top long arm quilting that is going on and some is amazing the secondary designs they give to the top of the quilt. I'm amazed at the details and the talents of the quilters. Then I look at the hand quilting that is traditional and more of an old art form. The free motion quilting done on a domestic machine is beautiful in it's own right also.
My questions that have arisen in my brain matter conquest. How much is enough? Is there ever to much? If you over due on quilting on a quilt will you ever use it?
I'm not ever going to be an heirloom quilter. I envy those that have this talent. I plan on making a couple special quilts for my Grandchildren for gifts  when they get married. Even if I'm not here they will have a memory.
Talent, practical or over done? Chris        


Exuberant Color said...

The blocks look beautiful laid out on the bed!

Katie M. said...

Chris, this is going to be a stunning quilt. As for over quilting... I think that's individual taste. I've seen some quilts that are so beautifully quilted - a true work of art - but what I would consider too stiff to be considered 'cuddly'. So when it comes right down to it, you have to think about how the quilt will be used.... (just my thoughts)