Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ok I'm not a good housekeeper

I spent all morning long cleaning one half of my living room. I dusted down the ceiling and the walls. Then the stone on the fireplace needed vacuumed. All the furniture and the mantle were dusty.

Sad to say I run the vac over the carpet, but not a good duster. I cleaned my ceiling fan and washed the globe off. We cut a plant back because it was taking off and growing down the hallway.

Tomorrow I need to do the other side of the room. The TV stand and our couch and chairs on this side. I wonder why I have so many things sitting out that collect dust. Because I don't dust they should all be gotten rid of.

I guess as long as I can get it all cleaned I will keep it. Some of the things are from family and I have tried gifting them to the boys and they say hang onto it because they have boys with balls and rough housing. So for now I need to hone my cleaning skills. Believe it or not I use to clean houses for a living and never left a speck of dust anywhere.

If you come to my house don't look in the corners please. Chris

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Katie M. said...

I was a much better housekeeper when I was employed.. I think it was because of the time limit thing. I couldn't put it off until 'later' so it got done then and there. Yep, I'm with you, I leave my corners to my dust bunnies (they need a place to call home, too...)