Saturday, December 21, 2013

More ice on the way

I found this recipe to aid in ice covering your steps and sidewalks. After having fallen last year and knocked myself out and also cutting my head open I'm all for what ever it takes to be safe. Copy it and keep for your own use. You can send it onto whom every might need it.
Here is another basket of scraps I need to tackle and cut into usable pieces. I think I have three more containers full of this size pieces. I think today I will get handwork ready and then if motivated will cut some of this basket up. I have worked on it several times, but never seem to get totally through it and then more is added. Might be some oldie but goodies on the bottom of this pile.
Since I was sick about three weeks ago I have dropped a lot of weight. Food hasn't tasted good and I just have put off eating some days. Well it has been beneficial, but not healthy. My blood sugar has dropped way to low and I would loose large amounts in a day. I got to the store yesterday and bought some better food for myself and now things are tapering off. When you loose 37 pounds in three weeks sure I love the weight is off, but not at a healthy rate. Hopefully I don't ever go back to that weight and I can still get my health under control. Stay warm Chris 

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