Monday, December 23, 2013

Getting closer to the big day

I got these pictures last night. She isn't a hat kid. She isn't sure if she even like the Christmas hat on her head.

Few seconds later as you can see it isn't her thing. She literally hates putting on a coat. She will throw a temper fit over it. This kid likes her freedom.
I have to shop for food today and try and get some things cleaned around here. We are having a small Christmas here Christmas eve for my son's girlfriends boy. He has to fly to SC on the 26th and won't be here to see the other kids. I think I will have snacky stuff and the bigger meal for Sunday after Christmas when the rest of them are here.  Trying to coordinate this year is a logistic nightmare.
I plan on as easy a time as we can have, but there is always stress getting a meal together and having everything done when you need it. Hope You and Yours have a Merry Christmas. Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

May you have peace in your home this Christmas...Your new little one sure is a sweet gift this year. =)