Saturday, December 7, 2013

Not much progress.

I have gotten little or nothing done. Haven't felt the best. Can't pin point anything. Just not on top of my game.

I have been trying to work through some ideas rolling around in my cobweb of a brain. I think I need to try a different method of marking my quilt tops and I need to make a template to do repeat design. I would like to do a line drawing of the Baptist Fan and make it into template so it is accurate and I can use it for other quilts.

The Baptist Fan  is an old design for quilting and many of these scrappy quilts need to be anchored well, but the blocks are so busy any specialty quilting would be lost because of the fabrics. I have looked on line and seen several ideas, but I would like to make it an easy to use method.

I thought about making a step up from a poster board pattern to a piece of artist foam. It would be more rigid. Then I thought about a ruler I have one that has holes evenly spaced that I could use a marking tool  and anchor on one end and mark the arcs as you draw. This maybe would be the best method for the type of quilt design. I think today I will experiment with the idea. I will take pictures and report on my findings. Maybe it will help someone else in their quilting experiences.

We get the 7 year old today to spend the night. He has stayed here with his Dad overnight, but not by himself. We will have fun. Plan on making chicken strips and homemade french fries. He is chocolate milk drinker so that is always here for all the boys. You know Grandma's have to have something special for their kids when they come.

At least the sun is out even though the wind chill is only one degree. We don't have ice and snow yet like others do. Stay safe and warm. Chris      

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Exuberant Color said...

Baptist fan is a neat quilting design but would be much twisting and turning of the quilt to just complete one pattern repeat unless you do it free motion. If the quilting isn't really going to show up anyway why not just do straight line quilting? The color, pattern and fabrics are what people will be looking at.