Thursday, December 5, 2013

No internet for about 15 hours

I was without Internet for several hours last night and this morning. Yes I paid my bill. This is one of the freezer paper shapes I glued the edges on last week. As you can see the seam allowance is glued to the freezer paper.  

This was the oval shape I starched around the Templar Plastic. It doesn't have any paper on the back. I stitched the oval shape to the red flower shape.

I left the bottom edge of the oval unstitched and then pinned the edge to the stem and continued to stitch around with the gold thread. I then pick up the red thread and stitched the flower shape to the base block. I always layer anything I can before stitching it in place. Also the stems were the farthest back of the block so they were stitched in place and layer the completed flower shape over the stem. That way all raw edges are covered and stitched in place.

So with no Internet I got this block done between last night and my early hours I keep. I need to prep some more leaves and stems for the next block and maybe I can knock out another one tonight. Stay warm. Very cold and windy here. Chris

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Julierose said...

Very pretty block, Chris..Love that pattern...hugs, Julierose