Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This is why I hate the holidays

 We have always had Christmas Eve. That way the kids could be home for Christmas morning and the rest of their travels were never hindered. The two boys could see each other and the kids get together and have a meal.

Well this court crap has stopped the tradition and nothing I can do about it other than the boys can't be here at the same time. It ruins it for everyone. The kids look forward to see each other and this year it won't happen.

Change of tradition isn't always an adjustment that this old Grandma likes. Now we have to make alternative plans and they are not working out well. Three attempts to make it work and all the plans are falling flat.

Maybe we should have drive by Christmas here and let them show up to get gifts and just leave. I know snarky attitudes don't help on my part, but it is suppose to be a happy time.

I know something will work out, but they maybe will all not be together this year. Nothing I can do or say to make it easier. Resentment on my part over this court crap I will have to shelve and try and put on a happy face. Chris  

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