Friday, December 6, 2013

Up early should be sleeping

Already had my first cup of coffee and need another one. I went to bed later than normal so I should still be sleeping.

I don't know if I was cold or just hurting. I have arthritis and some nights laying there is just a bad situation. While I'm up I will write a little post and maybe work more on this applique block I started last night.

Today some more cleaning. We are to get three grandkids tomorrow. Two of then for all day and the third one for over night sat. night. So when I do fall into bed Sat. night I'm sure I will just collapse.

It is really cold outside, but we are not to get the ice storms and horrible winds of some of the States. I do have to go out thought today and get gas for the snow blower because we are to get some snow, but it is suppose to be light.

I should go to the store and pick up a few things to feed the kids with. The baby eating big people food, but she needs softer stuff like mac and cheese. The two boys will eat about anything. I have chocolate for chocolate milk which one really likes.

We have several things for them to do and hopefully we will have no issues. For the most part they are good easy going kids. They don't get together very often so they will have fun.

Off to get the second cup of Joe and then some hand work. After the house warms up a little I will get cleaned up and make my shopping list up and get to the store.

Stay warm and get as much sewing done as you can. Chris

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