Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Searching pictures again

Last year I got this box out that was my Grandmother's. It had these old patterns in it. They were patterns printed on the backs of the labels that were wrapped around Mountain Mist batting.

Mountain Mist made patterns available to women to get them to use their products. Years ago there weren't many options for battings on the market.

They had details of applique, piecing and quilting designs. See how small this cross hatching is on this border.  

I'm not sure how many different designs there were. I think I have maybe 12 covers and maybe 8 of them are different. A lady I communicated with several years ago said I had a couple she had never seen before. If you enjoy Applique finding these patterns is a thrill. Also some of the pieced patterns back then are so classic.
Many times the creases in the paper labels will be brittle. Most of these are from the late 40's and through the 50's. I have one of them I would like to collect fabrics for and try to get blocks made to  
just say I did it. Look in every box and drawer you might find a treasure. Chris

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